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Piano Pictures For Beginners 1

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6 pieces for piano students who have been learning for just a little while. These pieces are exclusive to this collection and are not included in Finding Your Way.

If you know all the notes in Middle C position, you will be able to learn all 6 pieces in Piano Pictures For Beginners 1.

There are no sharps or flats in any of the pieces, but there are slurs, staccato dots and simple dynamics.
Note values are very simple, with nothing shorter than crotchets (quarter notes).

1. Tropical Island
2. Swaying
3. Midnight In A Spooky House
4. Putting On A Show
5. A Bit Of Wizardry
6. On The Bright Side

See the YouTube video for complete performances of all the pieces, with notation previews for the first 2 pieces.

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All Piano Pictures titles are sold with an individual license for personal use. For more information see
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