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The Galactic Alliance has placed mankind on trial in Sol while the Olivaw brothers are worlds away, struggling with crumbling secrets. What lies beyond the Dark Nebula changes everything.

Over a decade later, news of the alien’s arrival in Sol reaches mankind's second colony at Tau Ceti where the Olivaw family subterfuge ran deepest. Bradley Olivaw struggles with the news relayed by his sister Abigail, the President of CoPE. Something doesn't quite fit, and he's determined to unlock the mystery woven into her message.

Zachary Olivaw undertakes a mission to save humanity from the alien threat in Sol. His mission could both tear apart and root mankind's place in the galaxy.

The brothers have prepared their entire lives, but what lies beyond the Dark Nebula transcends their imagination. While the true origin of our species is clouded in a nebula of mystery, our fate may have been predetermined millennia ago.

Dark Nebula: Discovery is the second book in a sci-fi series that pushes the envelope of technology and science. It features surprising aliens, galactic action, and plot twists you never saw coming.

Buy Dark Nebula: Discovery and follow the Olivaw’s along their epic journey to the stars today!

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This is the eBook edition of Sean Willson’s Science Fiction novel, Dark Nebula: Discovery. This is Book 2 in the Dark Nebula Series. If you're looking for the print version of this book, please check here.

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