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Ahmad Climbs A Mountain

Are you ready to achieve your goals?

Introducing an exciting new book from Islamic Self Help designed to help you achieve your goals. Islamic Self Help's first fiction book 'Ahmad Climbs A Mountain' was written to help you learn how to achieve your goals in an innovative new manner.

Get ready to join Ahmad on an epic journey to achieve his goal!

Setting, chasing and achieving goals is not easy. Even more so when your goal is to climb a mountain!

In this epic new tale, a young man named Ahmad will attempt to climb a mountain, in hopes of finding a better life on the other side. 

Ahmad lives in a small village in the middle of a deep valley. He dreams of a better life, but in order to get that, he will need to climb the mountain and leave the valley.

Join him as he navigates through Procrastinator's Creek, The Valley of Self-Doubt and the Fountain of Fear. Along the way, he will face setbacks, challenges, and temptations. Through all of it, he will find ways to push forward towards his goal.

A Parable for the adventurer in you!

In this amazing story, you will find reflections of your own soul. You will discover the reasons to set high goals, the common obstacles in the way of those goals, and a road-map for achieving your goals.

Through this book, you will learn: 

1. How to deal with objections from family, friends and society
2. How to overcome self-doubt and negative thoughts
3. The dangers of procrastination and importance of taking action
4. The dangers of complacency 
5. How to remain focus and avoid distractions

About The Author: 

Shaykh Ismail Kamdar holds a Bachelors in Islamic Studies, and is the founder of Islamic Self Help. His focus is on developing eBooks and courses that assist people in achieving their goals and improving their lives. Ahmad Climbs A Mountain is one of these eBooks.

A story that will inspire you to greatness

Get ready to be inspired. This story was written and designed to motivate the reader towards accomplishing his/her goals. You will find yourself going back to the story many times over for inspiration and ideas on how to move forward. 

Get the book today, and start chasing your goals!

FAQs about the book:

Q: Isn't fiction Haraam? 
A: No, Fiction is not Haraam. It is the content that matters. A beneficial fiction story is Halal, and is considered an extended metaphor/example/parable. Fiction is not considered lying as there is no attempt to deceive anybody.

Q: Is the book for adults or children?
A: The book is written primarily for young adults who are working towards their life goals. However, people of all ages can enjoy and benefit from it.

Q: Is the book available in paperback? 
A: Not at the moment. It is only available as an eBook for the foreseeable future.

Reader's Reviews:

"Ahmad Climbs a Mountain" by Ismail Kamdar is a fast-paced and enjoyable read with an impacting message to push fear and doubts aside, stay the course, and achieve your dreams.

It's an excellent reminder if you're feeling like giving up and need a push forward or a wonderful gift to encourage friends and loved ones to have faith, dream big, and pursue their goals (Irada Ronalder)

I found this fictitious story to be light, interesting and insightful. Against the expectations of family, friends, and the familiar, young Ahmad ventures on a solo journey to the legendary “other side of the mountain”, in search of opportunity, adventure and a better life for him and his family. Along the way, he encounters interesting characters and learns important life lessons, as he struggles and strives to reach his goals…on the other side of the mountain. (Halima Douglas)

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