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The Courtroom Coroner

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A dead defendant. A court in lockdown. And a murderer in the room.

Coroner Fenway Stevenson is distraught. Not only is her father on trial for murder, but a huge conspiracy is wrecking the coastal town she calls home.

And with two gunshots in a crowded courtroom, everything changes.

A dead body. Thirteen people. A set of locked doors. As the hours tick by, one thing becomes clear: the killer is still in the courtroom and will stop at nothing to ensure the truth never comes out.

With nothing but a fingerprint kit, an Ethernet cable, and her wits, can Fenway catch the killer before becoming a victim herself?
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The Candidate Coroner


The Incumbent Coroner


The Watchful Coroner


The Accused Coroner


The Upstaged Coroner