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SciComm for Researchers is a workbook for researchers interested in sharing their research with people outside of their own area of expertise.

The goal of SciComm For Researchers is to make you more confident about science communication and public engagement, and to highlight some of the challenges you may encounter. Over the course of five chapters, SciComm For Researchers will help you think about ways to introduce people to your research and get them actively engaged with your work. The chapters are based on some of the most common pitfalls for researchers who take on a science communication project. They’re lessons that others learned the hard way, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Each chapter has an accompanying worksheet. These are all at the end of the workbook, to make it easier to print out all the exercises together.


Workbook contents
  • Chapter 1 – Know your audience
  • Chapter 2 – Aims, impact and evaluation
  • Chapter 3 – Communication is a two-way process
  • Chapter 4 – Structured social media
  • Chapter 5 – Working with the media
  • Exercise 1 – Create personas for your audience
  • Exercise 2 – Fill in an impact grid
  • Exercise 3 – Put yourself in the story
  • Exercise 4 – Create a social media plan
  • Exercise 5 – Prepare for a media interview

About the author
Eva Amsen is a freelance science writer and communicator, as well as the founder of Share Your Sci. Her writing has appeared on, in Nature, Nautilus, Hakai, Undark, and several other publications. She also provides science communication services for researchers, publishers, industry, and other organizations. Prior to this, she spent a decade working in science communication roles for academic groups and scientific publishers. Eva has a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Toronto and a MSc in Chemistry from VU University Amsterdam. She is currently based in London, UK.
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