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Smarter Marketer Program: Breakthrough to Supercharged Marketing

a custom group accelerator

for every entrepreneurial leader, marketing team, or organization advancing digital capabilities

Grow your business on your terms, but not alone.

Need to drive things forward, stay accountable and consistent? This hybrid group program is not for novices but to walk with a group of level peers having the same goals. Join anytime, it's all online. Work on your Action Plan, together.


Make future decisions with clarity and strength. Helps you grow, gain clarity, make more informed decisions from others that have been there. Reduce the timeframe it takes to get results. Extra brainpower on hard issues, seeing how others handle similar situations for focused, deeper work. See the way forward. Stay inspired, keep fresh. Walk with you, be a resource for support while you implement.

Typical groups range from 2-6pp and include business owners, staff/team, agency, coaches, and freelancers that work together. Length is set by the scope of the work.


Work through any challenges, and everyone participates. Get supported and challenged to uplevel as each member is encouraged and supported. Grow relationships, insights and skills.


Create or activate a 6-month Marketing Action Plan

Get actionable insights

Optimize marketing processes

Gain positive momentum towards meeting important goals

Find objective problem-solving and accountability to keep you progressing


Master some new business skills



Thought leaders


Business owners

Marketing decision-makers

Marketing teams

Vendors, contractors, freelancers

Not happy with your marketing results and

Saying “just tell me what to do” and save me the time?

We get it, and want to put you (and your team) together saying the same thing so you work through next steps. You will never be in the exact same place at the same time, so there will always be someone that just got past that. And backed up with support, resources and coaching.

Yes you are already busy, very busy and that’s why you need to invest your time in smart ways.

And investing it is because this part of your work --- not a class, not a course, not a networking event. Growing your business to scalable to the next level takes time and effort.

Through group discussion, member spotlights, guest speakers, collective learning, on-demand resources, we help you get results fast.


Digital strategy

Marketing strategy

Social audience growth

Content development

Digital asset creation

Site optimization


And much more…

With 2 (two) monthly zoom meetings, a private forum group for questions and discussion, access to multiple templates, worksheets, and resources.


No selling, soliciting

No required tools or systems

Silver bullet, one-off solutions

You can participate in the program from anywhere in the world. English-speaking only.

Start anytime. Accelerate your next steps!

Meet Your Facilitator

Over the past 7 years, Sandra Lynn has taken over 100 business owners and entrepreneurs through this process.

She’s helped them cut through the hype and distractions, and get down to business for faster and stronger results. As a strategic consultant and marketing-focused entrepreneur, she’s been working with customers to understand their business, their current problems, and their future opportunities demonstrating the ability to see their “Big Picture”. 

  • Experienced strategic marketing consultant
  • Business coach
  • Direct response guru
  • 7x seasoned entrepreneur
  • Pioneer in e-book sales
  • Marketing instructor at NYU Stern & Columbia

Choose a pricing plan

Monthly Subscription

per month
Cost is per person
3 month minimum
Two group meetings monthly with replays 
Discussion and Coaching Forum

* Discounts available for BAM businesses and other speciality groups. Email for consideration.