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Taken by Greek Gods: Hermes loves Dionysus

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Asgard may be cold, but Hermes and Dionysos get pretty hot in this erotic fantasy!

Hermes and his half-brother Dionysos are sent to the Norse pantheon to deliver a gift of Greek wine. Dionysos seduces the herold of the gods and they fall into bed together, spending a night of loving passion.

This story features: sweet, consensual sex - anal sex - anal play - anilingus / rimming - technically brother-brother incest between Greek gods / taboo - bisexuality - romance - MM

Both brothers are bisexual and the story includes mentions of past sexual encounters with either sex.

"Aimée does her homework when it comes to setting and the gods themselves. She does an amazing job of showing you the emotions and the internal lives of these characters."
Review by Sorcha Rowan

"It's an erotic novel that dodges the common clichés, taking it to a level way above the others.
Feelings and emotions are very detailed and there's sex without vulgarity."
Review on Amazon Italy

Super sexy encounter!
This short is brimming with adoration between the two brothers, and obviously well-researched by an author who has great respect and reverence for Greek mythology. It's hot and also warm and loving and sensual and I definitely recommend!

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This is an erotic short story based on Greek mythology. The story contains explicit scenes of a sexual nature and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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