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90 Day Goal Setting Journal

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Need help getting on task?  Have some goals you want to reach and just need to stay focused?  This 90 Day Mindset Journal will help with Goal setting, Mindfulness, daily, weekly and monthly planning. All pages are sized at 8.5x11 for easy printing.  38 Pages in total. Includes:

Cover Page
Book Belongs to Page
Goal Page
Welcome/Instructional Page
Mindset Tips
10 Different Mindset Exercises
Write it Down Instructional Page
Mindful Exercise for Future Self
Realistic Instructions and exercise x2
Stumbling Block Ideas and exercise x2
Planning Ideas and Instructions with exercise x3
Daily Planner
Weekly Planner
Monthly Planner
Ideas on Future issues
Your If/Then list
Evaluate Your Progress
Results and Exercise x2
Ideas on sticking to your goals with exercise x 2
Blank Page for thoughts
Wall Art

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