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Crush - Naruto

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This is the Project File of the 
Crush - Naruto” Edit
Things you need before opening the file:
▪ Any version of Adobe After Effects
▪ Plugins: Twixtor, BCC-Plugin, Sapphire,
   Twitch, Deep Glow, Universe, RSMB,
   Magic Bullet Looks, Optical Flares, Particular
   Omino Suite, Element 3d, Videocopilot
You will get: 
▪ SFX, VFX, Overlays, The Project File itself,
   The Anime Clips, Images, etc. 
Have fun with this Project File!
You will get a ZIP (110MB) file

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Snowfall - Vinland Saga


The Waiting Game - Tokyo Ghoul


Breath - Script x Sinecx


Feel Like Shit - Chainsaw Man


Rockabye - Anime Mix


Lost In The Dark - Tokyo Ghoul


Risen From Ashes - Script x Floby


Night Voyage - Akame Ga Kill