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Protons and Fleurons (audiobook)

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Big Rosa rescues unhappy women of the Wild West to work in a helium mine; Georgie Appleseed rescues his failing diner with the help of neon. A silicon son tries to make his gold dad proud, while a scientist tries to make a new St. Francis from calcium bone fragments. Obadiah Toad gives away all his peace with a nickel, but Mamá finally gives away her heart on account of arsenic. These twenty stories explore twenty-two of the elemental forces that underpin all of life…

This collection of short stories is narrated by the author!

You can play the mp3 files directly on your computer to listen. If you’d rather listen on a smartphone, you’ll need an app. For iPhone users, I suggest the BookPlayer app. For Android users, I suggest either the Smart AudioBook Player or Listen Audiobook Player app. You can use Bluetooth to share the files directly from your computer to your phone.

You will get a M4B (329MB) file