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The Freelancing Pack (WH Self-Study #4)

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The Freelancing Pack includes four full seminars that were originally produced for my Writers' Huddle members-only site, and which are now available on a self-study basis.

The seminars are:

Six Reasons to Get Into Freelance Writing, covering:

  • The flexibility of freelancing: you can do a few hours here and there
  • How freelancing can support the other writing you do
  • Why freelancing will build your confidence (even in the less-than-great moments)
  • What sort of rates you can expect to charge as a freelancer

Freelance Copywriting and Editing, with Linda Angér, covering:

  • What to focus on when you’re getting started in freelance writing or editing
  • The importance of asking for (and accepting!) feedback
  • How to edit someone else’s work while preserving their unique voice
  • How to develop strong public speaking skills (and why writers need them)

Freelancing and Entrepreneurship, with Thursday Bram, covering:

  • Taking your first steps into freelancing − the two crucial things you must do
  • The biggest, business-killing mistake freelance writers make
  • How to set your prices and how to raise them over time
  • How to gently end a relationship with a client you no longer want to work with
  • Where to find new clients (and why it’s not all about the online world)

How to Find Clients for Your Freelancing, with Carol Tice, covering:

  • Getting started in freelancing without working for nothing
  • Marketing methods for locating new leads
  • Setting realistic goals and targets for your future work
  • Avoiding exploitation by scam clients or content mills

All seminars are audio mp3s. Each seminar comes with a full, nicely edited transcript, plus a downloadable worksheet that includes a summary and suggested further reading.

You will get a ZIP (123MB) file
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