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Fright Nights, Big City

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Not when the Big Apple comes under attack from an infectious worm threatening to rot it, and the entire nation, to the core.

Michael Andrews thought he'd found the perfect woman in Lex. A companion whose own powers neutralize his werewolf curse and bringing the balance he's always wanted. But his plans on settling down and giving up the vigilante lifestyle are fleeting.

The hatred, the fear, and the monstrous attacks on innocent civilians are growing and spreading as supernatural monsters roam the city streets at night. The neo-Nazi Proud Fighters for America, aware of the special abilities that Lex possesses, track her down and plan on leveraging her powers for their own nefarious purposes.

With Michael's powers nullified in Lex's presence, the couple is forced to divide in their attempt to conquer, and Michael turns to his ex-girlfriend and her knowledge of the occult world in order to understand how to fight this rising evil.

But will two supernatural forces of good operating separately and one paranormal scholar be enough to vanquish the growing legion of evil?
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