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MS word shortcuts to help you format your MLA paper quickly

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The Modern Language Association or MLA format is such a type of formatting and citation style which is used in professional and academic circles. The MLA format is a uniform and consistent form of formatting which can be used easily by every student and professional. There are many manuscripts for beginners which consist of the guidelines for the MLA formatting. It is very easy to use the MLA citation in MS word or other word processing software. There are different methods in the MS world that can be used in MLA formatting.

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The shortcut to increase the size of the text by 1 point is Ctrl + ]. The size of text can be decreased by 1 point by using Ctrl + [. The selected text can be increased to the next largest point size by using Ctrl + Shift + >. The selected text can be decreased to the smallest installed point by using Ctrl + Shift + <.

Paragraph Spacing

If you do not have much time to adjust the design and layout it is very handy to use shortcuts to add space and to improve the readability of the text.

The 12 points of space can be applied or removed from the above paragraph by using Ctrl + 0. 1.5 spacing can be applied to the current paragraph by using Ctrl + 5. Double spacing can be applied to the current paragraph by using Ctrl + 2.

Transfer Formatting

Format painters have many militant and devoted tricks but this trick offers more than this painter. This trick will remember the format you used till the end of your paper in the word session. If you want to apply different formatting attributes at the same time this trick can be used.

The format of the selected text can be copied by using Ctrl + Shift + C. The copied format can be applied in the new session by using Ctrl + Shift + V.

Remove Applied Format

If you want to remove the applied format to transfer it into MLA one following shortcuts can be used. The character formatting can be transferred into the default character style by using Ctrl + Spacebar. The paragraph formatting can be removed by using Ctrl + Q.  If you do not have time for formatting and are unaware of the shortcuts for the MLA formatting then online service is the answer. I often ask to write my essay to different writers of the writing company to get the work done within time.

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