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The SR71 Black Bird

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One Spirit Guide Read with Drawing

This reading is done via e-mail. I channel the most impactful guide for yourself in the now, unless you put in the notes that you want otherwise. This reading includes colored drawings. It offers an extensive and immersive experience as I bring you along with me throughout my channeling journey throughout the reading. All done via an e-mail. I tell you and show you what they look like, their purpose, any messages they may have, how to utilize them, how to communicate with them, which dimension they are from, their name, and how they show you that they have a message for you! If you are wanting to know about a specific angel, ancestor, loved one, deity, or the like, just put it in the notes! Departures and Arrivals could take 1-2 weeks.

You will get a JPEG (2MB) file
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