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The Pack Slut

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After a minor mistake, Imogen, AKA Ginny, goes from being the respected daughter of the Beta of the Paxon pack to being reviled as ‘the Pack Slut’. Although she is the true mate to the next Alpha of her pack, Nate, he has made it very clear to her that he doesn’t plan to make her his Luna.

So Imogen contents herself with being Nate’s ‘booty call’ and accepts his and the pack’s disrespect and mistreatment until she meets Thomas Quinn.

Surprisingly, Thomas sees HER, really sees through the slutty façade she hides behind for fear of revealing her destructive secrets. He also offers a way out of her miserable life in the Paxon pack. But then Nate discovers Imogen’s secrets.

Now Imogen has to make a choice: leave for the unknown with Thomas, or stay and try to become the Paxon pack Luna?

Meanwhile, ominous dark clouds loom in the world’s future as an evil sect masterminds a plan to resurrect a malevolent god that has been linked to Imogen by prophecy.

The Pack Slut is the first fated mates' shifter romance book in an exciting rejected mates standalone series: The Fae Omegas Series.

Warning: This book contains varying degrees of the following: Verbal abuse, bullying, mentions of rape, and suicidal thoughts.

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