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Harmony and Discord

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He had one job: Be a rock-star
She had one job: Save the world.
What could go wrong?

After several hit tunes, Martin should be ecstatic. But rock-stardom isn't as glamourous as he'd hoped. In fact, constant adulation is nerve wracking and requires real work. Perhaps Jon Swift, front man for All Souls, holds the key to the swinging, jet set life-style of Martin's dreams.

Meanwhile, Pam accidentally drinks psychedelic punch. And one hallucinogenic effect doesn't go away, a peculiar singing style that resonates with both people and animals, and, curiously, with the stemware. But a threatening stranger attacks and sends Pam undercover until a betrayal forces her hand.

Will Martin lose everything while chasing his dreams? Will Pam survive long enough to fulfil her mission?

Harmony and Discord is the second book in the Songs out of Time humorous science fiction series. If you enjoy diverse characters, strange happenings, and retro-Seventies vibes, then you'll love Stella Jorette's far-out adventure.

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Dear Reader
Harmony and Discord is the second novel in a series but can be enjoyed as a stand alone story. Expect a smattering of cursing and impiety, poor life choices, highly inappropriate advances, and non-PC attitudes and behaviours. These actions are not glorified but are included to reflect the early 1970s music scene and various difficulties arising from public acclaim. All intimate encounters occur off camera and are not graphically depicted. Violence is minimal. The novel is written in a combination of UK and US English. Feel free to bring any errors to the author's attention.
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