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Ultimate European Keyboard

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The search is over! This keyboard layout (not a physical keyboard, but a software for Windows) will allow you to easily type Spanish, German, French, Italian, Albanian, Basque, Catalan and Esperanto on your home PC. 

No more searching for number codes! No more learning new keyboard maps for each language! Just one keyboard that supports all these languages, with intuitive and comfortable placement of letters such as ñ, ç or ü and even rarer ones like æ, Ï and ĥ. 

This keyboard layout works out of the box in all your Windows programs. After installation, it will rest in the language bar, just like any other keyboard layouts you may be using. It is confirmed to work in all versions of Windows from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Note: it will not work in Mac OS or on your smartphone. This is purely for computers, not phones.

Being able to type in a foreign language is a key ability these days. When looking for a job abroad, you may even be asked about your typing speed. So don't wait and start practising typing your target language!
You will get a ZIP (310KB) file
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