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Monsters and Mayhem

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Forget everything you have been told, the monsters are real and you are not safe.

Vampires, ghouls, wendigos and old gods. These are just some of the gruesome encounters you will find within these pages.

Delve into unimaginable terror with Eerie River’s new collection of nighttime frights. This sinister volume contains twenty-four terrifying tales of Monsters and Mayhem.

Open the door and let the darkness through.

Original Stories Featured:

The Deepest Dark by Georgia Cook
Eugene Angove Loses His Marbles by Tim Mendees
Nightmares by Shelby Suderman
The Old Oak Tree by Rachel L. Tilley
Bölvetr by Ethan Sabatella
The Happening at Tin Cave by Christopher Bond
The Suckling Pig by Tim Mendees
Midnight Shift by David Green
What Once Was Mine by RJ Fuller
The Woman in the Room by E.N. Neely
If You Don’t Laugh, You Cry by Erica Ciko Campbell
Foster Doll by J. M. Faulkner
Little Stars by Chris Hewitt
Everything You Need by Ann Wuehler
Mid Mourning Snack by Radar DeBoard
Ghoul’s Kitchen by Nikki R. Leigh
Malik Alzalam by Hunter LaCross
Three Wishes Upon a Star by Ronald Linson
Wails of Anguish by Jessica Casey
The Banshee and the Bosun by Josh Sippie
Where There’s Smoke by William Sterling
Foundations by Georgia Cook
On the Run by Rowan Hill
Tusk and Nail by Kevin Walsh
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