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Mathilda Holiday Full Series Trade Paperback

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Magic is real -- and it's a bitch.

Mattieā€™s life is going through a bit of a downward spiral these days. So when she learns that Tillie, her twin sister, is missing, she drops everything and rushes across the country to join her friend, Trevor, in the search.

As they start to dig, they stumble across a secret room in Tillie's condo filled with crystal balls and books about magic. Suddenly people all around them are doing spells, manipulating time, and disappearing into thin air, and they soon realize they're in over their heads.

A group of powerful mages is hunting Tillie. Will Mattie, Tillie, Trevor, and their friends be able to defeat them or will they be crushed under the relentless heels of an ancient power? Find out in this thrilling fast-paced action packed urban fantasy series!
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