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How to Construct a Water-Proof Concrete Flat Roof In Ghana

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In this document we will expand upon the information presented in the video to give you greater insight into How to Construct a Water-Proof Concrete Flat Roof in Ghana.

This document is aimed at all people – both for those within the construction industry and those who are not. We aim to keep the explanations as basic as it can be (where possible), so that everyone can benefit and use the information as a guide during design and construction of a house. The calculations within this document are based on a 4-bedroom house in Ghana with a roof volume of 55 cubic metres.

Table of Contents

Concrete Flat Roof - What is it?
The Leakage issue and how to resolve.
How to Determine the Volume of Your Roof.
On-Site Mixing of Water-Proof Concrete.
Water-Proof Concrete Cost, Companies in Accra & Key Contacts
Water-Proof Screed & Key Contacts
Water-Proof Grout & Key Contacts
Sequence of Work & Project Management.
Optimum Application of the Water-Proof Concrete.
Closing remarks.
You will get a PDF (2MB) file
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