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This is the newest, most informative digital NFT course that has ever been created. The creators of this course are deeply embedded into the NFT community and make complicated “Crypto / NFT” language easy to understand. The course lessons/modules include: 

What is a NFT 
Examples of NFT’s 
Building a NFT Team 
Social Media Management 
How to Create a NFT Collection 
Collaboration within the digital space 
 How to “Mint” & sell an item 
How to purchase a NFT 

This NFT digital course is a valuable resource to anyone who is interested in the NFT space.
You will get the following files:
  • MP4 (297MB)
  • MP4 (201MB)
  • MP4 (56MB)
  • MP4 (68MB)
  • MP4 (431MB)
  • MP4 (101MB)
  • MP4 (403MB)
  • MP4 (60MB)
  • MP4 (582MB)