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Forever Bound (Rescue Me Saga Extras #3)

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“Eyes on me.” He took a step back.
She opened her eyes wide as if surprised by her body’s response to his command. Adam smiled. “Ka-thunk!?”He loved making her stomach drop into her pelvis as she surrendered to him.
“Yes, Sir. I’ve missed that feeling.”
Adam kissed her cheek and whispered, “So have I, Kitten. So have I.”
Fans of these books will love reconnecting with Adam and Karla in the latest installment of the Rescue Me Saga Extras series.
You’ll also catch up with other favorite characters in Forever Bound as they all continue their Happily-Ever-After journeys. Karla and Savannah ask their Doms for stress relief from career and parenting duties—but their Doms will turn their plans on end. Watch Luke and Cassie deepen their fledgling Dom/sub relationship, leading to a play visit with the five couples at the Masters at Arms Club. Spend a night in a tent with Ryder, Megan, and the triplets that has them wondering whether they’ll ever be ready to adopt.
Oh, and a certain Mistress, who now runs the club, will let you inside her mind for the first time ever in this series!
In Forever Bound, you will be reminded how strong the ties are between the members of the Masters at Arms family.
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