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between now and now by Marcus Liljedahl

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“While inquiring into age-old metaphysical concerns, the words of Marcus Liljedahl strike with an enlivening directness, as quick as 'the snap/of a finger.' They draw from an ever-present and brimming source, 'between now and now,' from which you can hear the burble of truth—provided you are listening.”

— Joseph Salvatore Aversano

About the Author:

Marcus Liljedahl lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. His poetry has appeared in Modern Haiku, Frogpond, The Heron’s NestNoon: journal of the short poem, Otoliths, and others. His haiku was included in the anthologies Haiku 2015 and Haiku 2016, edited by Scott Metz and Lee Gurga. Marcus was also one of 17 poets to appear in A New Resonance 10, edited by Jim Kacian and Dee Evetts. He is the author of the e-chapbooks War Zone and Isolation Street.
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