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Walk by Mustansir Dalvi

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“Mustansir Dalvi's words melt into emotional lava. His poems simmer, surge, and take over one's senses. This is an onomatopoeic, petrichor-like sensation of fleeting, ghost textures. You breathe in a poem, and then it's gone, leaving just a lingering fragrance that swells for long after.” ― Danish Husain

 “[The] year 2020 is Pedestrian Maharaja of our times and Mustansir Dalvi is its court chronicler. This collection erases the gap between souls and soles, and makes highfalutin hemistiches out of scatological interjections. It strengthens my belief that self-deprecating humour is important for healing.” ―  Maitreyi Karnoor

About the Author:

Mustansir Dalvi is an anglophone poet, translator, and editor. He has authored two books of poems in English: Brouhahas of Cocks and Cosmopolitician. Mustansir‘s 2012 English translation of Muhammad Iqbal‘s Shikwa and Jawaab-e-Shikwa as Taking Issue and Allah’s Answer (Penguin Classics) has been described as “insolent and heretical.” He is the editor of Man without a Navel, a collection of translations of Hemant Divate's poems from the Marathi original.
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