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Bulk XML File Generator Tool Ver 1.0

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How to Use:-

1. Download the Program

2. Download the SADP Tool (Download Link: SADP Tool )

3. Install and Run the SADP Program as administrator

4. Select Your Device from the list of SADP Program and click on Forgot Password Button.

5. After Click a Password Reset Window will open, Click Export button and Save the XML Exported File.

6. Rename XML Exported file and Add IP Address of device.
Exported XML File Name:- DS-2CD1641FWD-IZ20170901BBWR826259293-202107261509.xml
After Rename: DS-2CD1641FWD-IZ20170901BBWR826259293-202107261509_192.168.XXX.XXX.xml

7. Compress All Exported and renamed files in zip/rar. 

8. Start the Program and fill 

9.  Attached Compressed XML Zip/RAR File.

10. Click on Get Button and Done...

Additional Notes:-

1. Bulk XML File Generator Tool Ver 1.0 work for Multiple XML files. (20 XML Exported files)
For 1 XML file Please download and Use XML Key File Generator Tool Ver 4.0

2. If you Use Program With in mentioned timezone(India Timezone +5:30 IST 10AM to 6 PM) you will recieve Bulk XML Key Files quickly. Otherwise it will take long time to process.

3. No Responsibility if this software not works for your Device.
You will get the following files:
  • EXE (510KB)
  • PDF (249KB)
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