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The Sensuous Bad Boy

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The fourth NeXt duet, Sensuous and Desirous, by New York Times bestselling author K.M. Scott in a one-volume book!

Alex March is all about having a good time. He loves being single. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and he intends on squeezing as much fun out of this world as he can.

He’s living the dream as the head chef at CK, the best restaurant in Tampa, so when he’s offered the chance to be on the new cooking reality show Chef on Chef, he figures why not take the chance.

Kat Truesdale hates Alex from the moment she sees him walk on the set. He’s everything she loathes in men. Arrogant, overconfident, and far too good looking, he’s one of the golden boys of this world.

The reality show is a competition for a million-dollar prize, and she intends on walking away the winner. Alex may think he’s got this in the bag, but not if Kat has anything to say about it.

Only one of them can come out on top, but if they’re lucky, maybe they can get something other than money out of the reality show.

Let the games begin!

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