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Eternal Darkness

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Once the darkness penetrates your soul there's no escaping.

I'm going to murder the devil.

I don't know how because he has extreme magic. Making him too powerful for anyone to destroy. But I've sworn to get my revenge. What mattered to me most was stolen by him. The only options left for me are to be forever enslaved, or killed by him. A fate shared by Detroit as well.

Armed with my supernatural gang and black magic I'm hot on the devil's trail. But time is not on my side. Ongoing chaos and constant battles derail me from my destination.

Finally, I find the answer, which is a chilling one.

Embrace the darkness.

To beat the devil, I have to let my heart become as foul as his. I'm crossing over to the dark side, now there's no stopping me.

Read the dark magical conclusion of the Urban Fae Series and see for yourself why this series is loved by fans of Charlaine Harris.
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