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2021-2022 Drum Notebook

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  • 9 pages of drum exercises
  • The exercises can be used in drum lessons
  • For drum teachers or self learning
  • Grades 1-4 Levels

This is a short 9 page booklet containing my notes used in drum lessons between 2021 and 2022. It’s mostly for rock and pop styles and is around grade 1-4 level.

A lot has changed since writing this notebook and when you look at the dates it doesn’t seem like far away from 2023, even though it’s December. 2021 was the first year I started using a blank notation book on my local travels as a drum teacher and now I’ve filled a couple more, but it’s very interesting going back and seeing what we were working on and how it can still be relevant now. It’s just I’ve done that and on to something else, even if some of the students have changed. It’s definitely a journey being a music teacher. Even if you only follow someone else’s books and song transcriptions and never write your own exercises, chances are you’ll find new material to teach with because you don’t always want to teach the same thing - we’re not robots. 

So this collection of exercises is me sharing my notes that I’ve used in drum lessons and perhaps you can use these in a fresh manner, even if I’ve moved on to something else.

I’ve also cut out any of the rubbish bits in the book, so this should be a usable body of work for drum teachers or self drummers to use, but that’s also why it’s quite short! Only 9 pages. It’s a small book anyway and I also used it for piano notes, but there was a lot of stuff I didn’t think was worth including.

Theo Lawrence

Music Teacher

Made in Wales between 2021-2022.

You will get a PDF (553KB) file

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