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The HSP Recharge Guide

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For highly sensitive people, being able to recharge is crucial. There will be days when we overextend ourselves and feel totally drained. During those times it can be hard to know where to start and also how to communicate with people around you. And sometimes we need guidance in creating space for recharging. This is where my guide comes in ⚡️

This mini-guide is for you if:
- You often feel drained
- You need guidance in figuring out your needs
- You need guidance in figuring out what fills you up with energy
- Want to be more confident

What you’ll learn:
- Questions to ask yourself to get to know your needs
- How to process difficult emotions
- A strategy to develop a strong and healthy self-esteem
- How to reconnect with your self

This guide includes:
- 7 talking points
- Questions to journal on
- 1 work sheet
You will get a PDF (170KB) file
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