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Short-Term Rental Financial Tracking

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This file is in .ods file format, a LibreOffice product. LibreOffice is free to download or you can open this file in Microsoft Excel and Save It As an Excel file. The spreadsheets included are: 
  • Predicting Income (you can input data from the surrounding area to determine your gross earning potential)
  • Income by Platform (track earning via the different platforms and know what percentage of your income comes from what source)
  • Expense and Income - [Year] (track your income and expenses on a monthly basis over the year)
  • Average Daily Rental (track your STRs average daily gross income for lodging and cleaning fees - this will allow you to predict future income for your property)
  • Your Monthly Budget (create a budget based on income from the Average Daily Rental sheet)
  • Average Annual Income and Expenses (a year to year comparison of your income and expenses)
You will get a ODS (54KB) file
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