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Conquered by Her Bullies (Darkville HIgh) by Eva DeMoan

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When a rift opened and monsters came through, it was hard for humans to accept. Wolfmen, things with tentacles, satyrs… beasts that we’d only heard of in stories or in our nightmares were real, and they quickly took over. 

Now I’m going to Darkville High, a high school mostly filled with monsters. I’m human, a nobody, inconsequential. When three alphas make my life hell, I hope and pray I can endure whatever they dish out. I never imaged they’d take my V-card or make me scream for more. Want to know what’s better than human c*ck? Big, huge, hard monster d*ck. I’ll take whatever my monsters want to give me and keep begging them for more. 
*NOTE: While the characters are in high school, this story is NOT meant for younger readers. It is an adult book. This is an erotica story, not a romance. Lots of graphic sex, and a satisfying ending. But if you want hearts and flowers, you’ve come to the wrong place. Limited character development or plot. This is 100% smut.
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