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Wolf Lust - audiobook

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Wolf Blood (Outcast Pack book 5)

Read by Casey McLeod

Simon Hume gave up everything when he left his pack and marriage. Some days, he wonders if he did the right thing, but his ex-wife has moved on, and they are better friends than they were lovers. But trying to date when everything has changed, he’s on the wrong side of thirty-five, and he’s still figuring out how to be a gay wolf shifter is harder than he expected. While he’d never say it aloud, he’s lonely and enjoyed being married. Drew and River’s wedding is not easing that feeling. 

Miles McCallum knows that if he doesn’t take the chance soon, it’s going to slip through his fingers. But whenever he is about to ask his wolf best friend out, the words never form because Simon is way out of his league. With the alcohol flowing at the wedding and Simon more than happy to dance with him, Miles knows this is it, and he isn’t going to leave the party with his tail between his legs. 

Can one night that could be written off as a drunken mistake become more when neither of them wants to mess up their friendship or be forced to leave the pack if things don’t work out? 

Wolf Lust is a steamy friends-to-lovers wolf shifter romance featuring a wolf who’s scared to risk his heart only to find it safely held by the man who has secretly wanted him from the day they first met. 

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