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A-Z Pocket Guide to the Skin - by Nancy Donovan, Skin Expert

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This book will help you develop your knowledge of skin conditions, treatments of those conditions and providing the best service for your clients. By the end you will stop thinking of yourself as ‘just’ a Beauty Therapists and believe you can be a great Skin Therapist.
This book is also great for skin enthusiasts wanting to know more about their skin and skin treatments.
It is my wish to help as many therapists advance in their skincare careers and help as many clients as possible to have a greater understanding of how best to look after their skin.

It covers
Acid Mantle, blackheads, client consultation, diet, exfoliators, facial, gadgets, hyaluronic acid, Ingredients, jack of all trades, keratosis Pilaris, lactic acid, mesotherapy, niacinamide, organic, periods, questions, retinol, serums, toxins, ultra-violet, vitamin a, water, x-rated exosome facial, yoga, zinc
You will get a PDF (347KB) file