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Is there a Brain in Your Couple?

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Deep inside yourself hides a survival instinct, the survival of our species, that pushes you to share your life with someone else. You can’t live alone.

After centuries, millennia, women still can’t understand men, and men don’t have a clue about what is going on with women.

Each gender has many questions and doubts and needs answers like:
  • Why he is always staring at other women
  • Why he can't listen
  • What does love mean to him
  • Why does he only give solutions
  • Why, why, why ...
  • Why does she talk so much
  • What about empathy
  • How can you get more from her in bed
  • Why does she like shopping so much
  • Why, why, why ...


This book is loaded with information and usable strategies you can use whenever you need them in your couple.

What you will learn is:
  •  How the female and male brains differ and how it all started (on page 16) ...
  •  Is Sexism really sexism at work (see page 26) ...
  •  Is love a drug on the brain (free drugs on page 29)  ...
  •  The biggest driver in your couple : emotions (get all emotional on page 34) ...
  •  What about sex (stay calm on page 38) ...
  •  Female and male brains don't handle language the same way (more on page 42) ...
  •  Drive your partner's decisions (secret part on page 51) ...
  •  How to understand women and make them happy (It starts on page 58) ...
  •  How to drive men to be happy (Start the ride on page 78) ...
  •  Dating and social networks with brains (some secrets to success are on page 104) ...
  •  Are humans polygamous or monogamous (a few words on page 109) ...
  •  And much, much more ...


  • 70% of all existing couples will break-up
  • 85% of unsuccessful marriages are initiated by women 
  • Men have 30% to 60% more extramarital stories than women
  • 40% of men being unfaithful get caught while only 15% of women do
  • 40% of the women admit to having been unfaithful
There is only one suspect for all your unhappy relationships : YOUR BRAIN


The current situation outside of your couple has had a deep impact on your connexion. You may haven't noticed it yet but not all couples, like yours, are still strong as before. It's not your fault! It's about how outside events impact your brains and as such your couple relationship.

Now is the time to act! Stop helping divorce lawyers and couple therapists to make money just because you don't know the tools you can use on your own. 

I could have charged €100, or €49 or any price tag because of the amount of info and techniques you will learn in this book. But how would that help the majority of you? Letting your couple sink just because I would be looking to make more money on your back would go against the book's philosophy. This is why I have decided to charge you €0.97, not more, not even ONE EURO! 

Would I give you the book for free it wouldn't motivate you to read it. I had to charge something to help your brain take action.

This is why you get it for $0.97
You will get a PAGES (26MB) file
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