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Broken Dreams - Book 8 Barrington Family Series

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Making it in a man’s world…

When Hannah Barrington took on the job of safety manager at her father’s mine, she expected it to be challenging. Not only because of the high-pressure environment where safety is always paramount, but because she’s working in a traditionally male dominated world and there are plenty of men who have made it clear they don’t want her there. But Hannah is known for her pluck, and she’s determined to make her mark. She also refuses to be intimidated by anyone. That includes Liam Hennessy.

An investigator with the New South Wales Resources Regulator, Liam Hennessy is responsible for investigating safety breaches at Hannah’s mine. Having recently been transferred to the Hunter Valley, this is the first time he’s ventured onto a Barrington family-owned mine site. Liam has long-held grievances against the Barrington family that go all the way back to high school. Now he has a chance for revenge, and he has Hannah very firmly in his sights.

Unaware of the reason behind Liam’s antagonism, Hannah’s left confused and angry over Liam’s unbending attitude. He seems determined to make an example of the Barringtons and close their mine. Not only will that cost millions in lost production, but it will also reflect badly on her and one thing she can’t stand is failure.

She wished she could simply win the investigator over with her charm, but he seems immune to her attempts. Too bad she finds him so darned attractive. What will it take for him to call a truce and work with her, rather than do his best to ruin everything she’s worked so hard for?

Come on a journey with USA Today bestselling author Chris Taylor and dive deep into the lives and loves of the Barrington Family. You won’t be disappointed.

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