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A large variety of individual tree and tree cluster assets for fantasy cartography.

These assets are set up for use in the Wonderdraft map making software, but are also useable in any graphics/art program.

Non-commercial use only.

A commercial use license can be purchased separately here.

Please see the images for the content you can expect. Each type of tree/tree cluster has a number of variations. In total there are 2003 unique assets, each provided in  custom colors, sample color modes, and a "sketch" sample color style.

Plain English description of the included license

  • The license is only valid if you can demonstrate you have purchased the asset pack.
  • You cannot give this license to another person.
  • The license allows you to use these assets only in your own maps and/or other larger works of art which are for non-commercial purposes only; you may not use these assets for commercial purposes.
  • You may use your maps/larger works in videos, so long as they are free to watch, irrespective of whether you receive ad revenue.
  • You may receive donations, including subscriptions, for your maps/larger works so long as they are still made freely and publicly available.
  • Attribution is not required.
  • You may make modifications to the assets only for use in your own work.
  • You may not sell or share the asset pack or any of its contents.
  • You cannot use these assets to make new assets to sell or otherwise distribute.
  • You take full responsibility for whatever happens when you use the asset pack.
A sample version of the full license may be downloaded here
You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (423MB)
  • PDF (131KB)
  • PDF (276KB)
  • PDF (133KB)

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