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The Valkyrie's Viking

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She wants to rule the land and he lives for the sea. Is their love fated or cursed?

Shieldmaiden Brenna may be young, but she knows her mind. As the daughter of King Aric’s most trusted Huscarl, she is well-schooled in the art of battle and weaponry: skills vital for defending what is hers. Having fought to defend her homeland against would-be usurpers, she knows the cost of plunder and pillage.

Vali is a seasoned warrior. His thirst for adventure and battle has served him well in his many raiding expeditions. He has no use for the politics of position and land, preferring the freedom of the open seas.

Brenna and Vali’s young love is torn apart when the King offers Brenna’s hand in marriage to the Jarl of his most important trading centre, Birca. Believing this to be the will of the gods and a prophecy revealed to Brenna as a child, she agrees to the marriage.

Death brings Brenna and Vali back together to defend Birca. As their love is rekindled, Brenna must choose between Vali and the prophecy once more. Her fate has been determined by the gods, but is it the destiny Brenna has always believed in?

The Valkyrie's Viking is the first instalment of the Valkyrie of Birca series. A gripping Viking saga full of bloodthirsty battles and heartstopping romance.

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