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Abundant Hope Collection 1 - A Christian Inspirational series by an award winning USA Today bestselling author.

Brilliant stories full of hope, faith, second chances, and family, dotted with tear-jerking & heartwarming inspirational moments. Over 500 Five Star series reviews. Quoted by the famous and churches alike. ​1,400 pages of Hope, Redemption & Second Chances. The First Five Novels of the acclaimed After, New Beginnings & The Excellence Club Christian Inspirational Series. Enter your most impactful Christian Fiction series yet.

Book 1 - AFTER - Candace had a stunning voice but he plotted her downfall and the loss of her faith. When she falls before thousands, will shame win, or will her newfound faith in Jesus build her a new platform?

Book 2 - JABEZ - Born into a family where support was lacking, will his dreams fall before it began? Or will an encounter with a pastor change the direction of his life and destiny?

Book 3 - AFTER 2 - Blinded by tears, broken by rejection, and caught at her wits end, Blossom mistakenly plunges her car into the Potomac River and isn't sure whether she will survive. Will she drown or can she be rescued before it's too late? Will she trust God to carve her a fresh start while sinking to the bottom of the Potomac?

Book 4 - AFTER 3 - Harboring a secret that torpedoed every chance at finding love, can she trust God to lead someone who accepted her...including her challenge? His grief for a tragedy soured his choice to live. After his chance encounter with her, a future filled with sorrow seemed like a choice. Would he accept hope?

Book 5 - HER UNDYING FAITH - Sharon Parsons is no stranger to being different. However, she did not expect to fall in love with a man who not only didn't share her faith, but any faith at all. When her heart gets deeply in love, and their faith differences more stark and impossible to ignore, what ends - his faithlessness or their marriage?

Dive into this beloved series by USA Today bestselling author Joy Ohagwu, hailed as a top 17 Christian Fiction Author, stories applauded by thousands, and hope-filled adventure and don't stop until you flip the last page. 
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