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Landed Cost Calculations | Templates + PDF Walkthrough Guide & Videos

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Businesses that are involved in Global Trade are faced with dozens of additional costs, fees and charges involved with importing products through to the final location.  It’s imperative that buyers understand the actual final 'landed cost' of imported products in advance, to make smart decisions in their business.

In this guide we provide Landed Cost Excel templates, and provide a PDF and video walkthrough guides showing exactly how you can gather together all of the pricing and information required, then move onto working out the landed cost and sell pricing for imported products:

  • How to Assess a Supplier's Export Quotation
  • Understanding International Shipping Charges, fees, duties and taxes
  • Determine if your freight is charged by Cubic m3 or by Weight Kg
  • Shipping container sizes and specifications
  • Step by step guide to using the landed cost calculator
    • Entering all of the supplier pricing and additional costs
    • Using the calculator to determine your landed cost per product
    • Using the calculator to apply a markup or margin to calculate your sell pricing
  • Placing a new International Order | Confirming Buyer and Seller Purchase Order & Proforma Invoice Agreements
If you're an importer, exporter or trading company and wanting to get on top of accurate landed cost calculations, or a new business that has found an International supplier and wanting to understand the landed cost process to create a solid business plan, download the guide to help you along this process.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (3MB)
  • XLSX (48KB)
  • XLSX (48KB)
  • MP4 (35MB)