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Project Survival

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Not all monsters are prehistoric.

Following the dramatic climax in Book One of this thrilling adventure series, Daniel has now been separated from his friends Lee and Will. His former bodyguard, Renton, is now his kidnapper, intent on taking Daniel north to the Lake District, and the IntelliCorps headquarters.

Lee and Will trail behind, intent on rescuing their friend from the thuggish American.

On their separate journeys the teenagers make new friends along with new enemies, and find out that sometimes, flesh eating dinosaurs might not be the most dangerous thing they will encounter.

Will Lee and Will survive this hostile world long enough to find their friend, Daniel? And even if they do, will Renton let him go without a fight?

The Sigil of Semjaza


Planet of the Dinosaurs Book One Project Wormhole


Project Wormhole


The Devil and Edward Teach


Planet of the Dinosaurs Book Two Project Survival