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Didi Molly Pattern

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DIDI MOLLY is a young little mole knitted in one piece, totally seamlessly, from the tip of the nose to the tip of the toes.

For now, the PDF is available in english only.

The pattern also includes instructions to knit a polo shirt, tiny dungarees, a crossbody bag and a little ball.

* Knitted in fingering weight yarn, Didi only requires 15 g (about 60 m / 66 yds) of yarn to come to life - 10 g for the body and about 5 g for the nose and the paws.
* Count about 20 g to make the polo shirt and the dungarees

As shown in pictures, Didi Molly is knitted with the naturally dyed Tulliver yarn (you’ll find all the details about the yarn below).

As for all my patterns, the process is thought for the maker’s happiness of having a character truly emerging during the knitting, a very lively little soul appearing at a early stage of the making then growing organically stitch by stitch.
- No seaming.
- No assembling.
- All the finishing done as you go, from the face to the tail.
When you’re done with the last stitch, you’re done with your little woolly friend too.

Didi is made all in one piece, from his pointy nose to his little feet. First the head, and the facial features – everything that gives him a true soul right from the beginning – then the shoulders, the arms and paws (all using live stitches, while others stay on hold), then the body and the bottom, and the tail, picked up from previously marked stitches. Finally the legs, also using live stitches while others are on hold. He grows organically from your needles, with no seaming at all. Of course Didi is tiny, so you must have a taste for fiddly knitting, but everything is provided in the pattern for you to succeed and have pleasure knitting him.

All along, instructions are given to tackle the required finishing as you go, leaving only a small opening to close at the very end of the making.

- Didi Molly pattern has been tested and fully tech edited by Amelia Hodsdon (Woollen Words).

- About the difficulty level : i would rate it between advanced beginners and intermediate. The only true prerequisite is knowing how to knit small circumferences in the round. On this basis, I worked at providing detailed instructions as well as extra tips and pictures, to offer a smooth process. If you’ve already knit a sock or a mitten, something small and tubular, then you can do it !

At first sight, you might think that this pattern contains a lot of pages, and conclude that it’s a complicated knit. But do not run away ! If there are many pages, it’s because i want to share with you all the hints and tips that will make the knitting easier and even more enjoyable. Above everything, i would like you to be happy while knitting this cuddly toy and not just when you will have finished it. As passionate knitters, we all know that the process is already a thing that brings us joy, peace and balance, and this should also be true for toys, even if they are small things.

So here is how the pattern’s content will unfold …

First, you’ll find my plain sailing guide to knit a toy in one piece, where i gathered the things you need to know to achieve this with ease and pleasure. I recommend you read it thoroughly before starting your toy. During this first read, some points might remain abstract without your knitting in your hands, but then you’ll know where to come back to if you need extra help. After this first read, you will decide if you need to print this guide or not, most likely depending on how new you are to my style and method. If you feel at home already, you’ll be able to skip it !

Then, you’ll come across the instructions to knit your own Didi Molly and to dress him. During these instructions, i will remind you where in the guide you can find extra help to complete some specific sections.

- Instructions are written to be worked either with DPNs or magic loop.

- Specific techniques : short rows using yarnovers or simple decreases with detailed instructions provided.

Tulliver Yarn BFL/Masham 4ply
75% British Bluefaced Leicester wool, 25% British Masham wool - 50 g / 200 m / 219 yds
Colors :
"Plum" for Didi’s body - 10 g used
"Hint of Pink" for Didi’s nose and paws (5g)
A combo of "Hint of Pink" and "Scarlet" for the polo shirt and the dungarees (as shown here about 10 g of each color)
"Gold" for the bag and the ball (5 g)

Didi Molly is knitted with 2mm (US 0) needles.
9 sts and 14 rounds =
2.5 cm x 2.5 cm / 1 inch x 1 inch, in stocking stitch, worked in the round, blocked.

The clothes are knitted with 2mm (US 0), as well as the ball.
The little bag is knitted with 2mm (US 0) and 2,75 mm (US 2) needles.

One size.
With the yarn and needle size used for the sample shown, Didi measures about 13,5 cm (5,4 inches) from the top of the head to the sole of the little feet. If you use a thicker yarn, you will get a bigger mole. In that case, don’t forget to adapt the size of the eyes if you use safety eyes.
Also, if knitting a Didi and Merri duo (with Merri Molly Pattern), i recommend using the same yarn and needle for both, for the purposes of scale.

* Lockable stitch markers, such as bulb pins
* Tapestry needle and embroidery needle
* Stuffing
* Safety eyes (as shown here, Didi Molly has 4,5mm diameter brown eyes)
* Embroidery thread : pale pink or peach or blush tone for the tip of the nose / brown for the mouth
* Pieces of waste yarn to mark eyes and tail placement
* For optional knitted eyes, 1 m / 1 yd of black or brown yarn in same weight as the one used for the mole (option to consider if the color used to knit Didi is not too dark).

© Cinthia Vallet 
This pattern is intended for your personal non-commercial use only. It may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form, as a whole or partially. The finished toys made from it may not be sold. They are meant to be used for yourself or gifted. No yarn kit may be proposed without my explicit permission. If you would like to sell yarn kits, please contact me to have a chat about it first.

Thank you very much for respecting these rights reservations.

For pattern queries, contact by email at
You will get a PDF (9MB) file