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Never Letting Go (Mercury Folds #3)

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What happens when the five members of Mercury Folds, the most popular boy band from twenty years ago finally find the true meaning of a happily ever after with their soul mate….

Bette has what most would say is a nice, stable life. The forty-five-year-old has a great job as a high school guidance counselor, and owns a comfortable house in a lovely neighborhood. Plus, her younger sister Jenna is engaged to mega movie star, Keegan Knowles, the former member of Mercury Folds, one of the most popular boy bands from twenty years ago. But she’s feeling depressed and more isolated every day. She still mourns the death of her husband three years ago, and some days she doesn’t want to get out of bed. Perhaps what she needs is a relaxing vacation with Jenna and Keegan in California for the Christmas holiday?

She expected to be dazzled by the bright lights of Hollywood, and meet some celebrities, but one celebrity who makes her blush like a woman half her age, is Clancy “Cross” Bianchi, Keegan’s best friend, former member of Mercury Folds, and one of the top personal trainers to the stars. The long haired, tattooed, always loves to crack a joke hottie wants to make her vacation memorable. She’s not looking for romance or a quick fling even though he’s a woman’s fantasy come to life. But why would he be attracted to an older woman with graying hair, who has a bad case of anxiety, and will soon return to her mundane life?

As she gets to know the real Clancy, the one hidden from the paparazzi who adores him for his public antics, her shattered heart begins to heal. And if Clancy has his say, he’ll work his seductive magic on her to convince her to never let him go.
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