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Glyphosate Event Replay & Sauerkraut Workshop Video

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Join us for this event where we discuss the many complex issues surrounding glyphosate usage.

If you're not aware Glyphosate based herbicides are used to control a wide variety of weeds that grow among food crops on residential lawns in our gardens, in our parks, roadsides, conservation and wildlife areas, forests and waterways.

This means that we, the food we eat and our pets, are surrounded by it.

This controversial herbicide has been the subject of intense debate, and our speakers provide in-depth analysis of the potential risks associated with its use.

From scientists to policy-makers, our speakers include a diverse range of experts who will share their perspectives on the impact of glyphosate on human health and the environment.

You can also follow along as Patricia Bowerman demonstrates step by step how to make fermented sauerkraut loaded with beneficial gut bacteria which can help mitigate the gut against the damaging effects of glyphosate.

Most store bought Sauerkraut has been heat treated which kills the bacteria.

When you follow Patricia's simple and easy directions you will create Sauerkraut loaded with beneficial gut bacteria.

Please note this is a free event.

No donation is required, but if you feel called to support our efforts, you can do so here.

All donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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