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Protecting Jazz - Guardians #3

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Jazz Masters is a werewolf with a day job. Living in fear of the monster that lives inside her, she’s created a safe if lonely world where she can control her darker half. That world comes crashing down around her when she crosses paths with a pack of werewolves who recognize what she is – a rogue she-wolf with no pack to protect her. Threatened and afraid for her life, Jazz turns to the only group that might be able to help her – the Guardians.

One look at Jazz is all it takes for the Guardian’s resident risk-taker, pilot, and playboy Jason Waters to know he’s interested. Not even the revelation that she’s a werewolf deters him from his new mission – Protecting Jazz from everything and everyone, including her dark side.

With the pack closing in, Jazz must make a choice – surrender to her fear, or fight for her life and a chance at love with the only man who’d die to protect her.
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