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The French Workout - Level 2

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The French Workout Level 2 will be perfect for you if you are comfortable working with the Present Tense, future tenses and the Perfect Tense and if you may have some basic knowledge of the Imperfect and Conditional Tenses (which are covered in detail in the course). During the 8 lessons, you will explore a wide range of enjoyable and current scenarios to help you review and consolidate:
  • Adjectives: agreement, use of compound adjectives and positioning
  • Possessive Adjectives & Pronouns 
  • Demonstrative Adjectives & Pronouns
  • Negative structures: widening the range of negative structures in a range of tenses and with pronouns
  • Tenses: Perfect Tense, Imperfect Tense, Conditional Tense
The course is full of listening activities recorded by me and two of my French friends, opportunities to read out loud, explanations, oral and written drills and some short writing tasks.

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