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Accounting Grade 8 - Quizzes - Learner package

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Grade 8 Accounting Quizzes learner package. It can be installed on 🖥️💻📲3 mobile devices or phones.

The interactive quizzes can be downloaded on any mobile device. Look under downloads, the 📁zipped folder should be automatically extracted when you click on it. Locate the 📁unzipped folder, and click on the html file. Your quiz will appear.

The student 🖥️must complete all personal details first before attempting the quiz. The quizzes comprise of a number of questions and a time limit to adhere to. Follow the instructions and submit quiz.  Results will be e-mailed within a couple of hours to the e-mail address that was provided.

These quizzes cover the following topics:

1) Accounting Equations

2) Subsidiary Journals

3) Posting to the General Ledger

4) Balancing the General Ledger and preparing a Trial Balance

For more Accounting content:


*No refunds for Downloadable files.


You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (2MB)
  • ZIP (2MB)
  • ZIP (2MB)
  • ZIP (2MB)