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And Breathe [e-book]

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What if your life was spinning out of control? Where would you turn?

A silent meditation retreat, deep in the Thai jungle, promises to restore peace and help its visitors achieve joy in the midst of a chaotic world.

Lured by this tantalising promise, a Brazilian feminist, a neurotic French scientist and a ruthless Ukrainian businessman make their way to the remote forests of Thailand.

As the world around them falls silent and the meditation intensifies, their inner voices grow louder and they are tormented by the deepest fears of their subconscious.

Will any of them survive to restore the balance, happiness and prosperity they have come to seek? Or will the shadows of their past lives bury them forever?

"Enthralling to the end... a grippingly intense, yet beautiful read" - Emma Carmichael, author of Driving Tito
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