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AI Tools for the English Language Classroom

AI-powered language teaching: Paving the way for student success in the digital age.

AI Tools for the English Language Classroom

🌟 Revolutionize Your English Language Teaching with AI Tools! 🌟

Are you an English language teacher eager to take your teaching to the next level? Our online course is your key to leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for enhancing both your teaching methods and your students' learning experiences.

📚 What You'll Gain from Our Course:

🤖 Tools for Teachers - Access 10 state-of-the-art AI tools tailored to empower English language teachers, enabling you to create more effective and engaging lessons.

🎓 Tools for Learners - Explore 10 carefully selected AI tools designed to boost your students' language learning journey.

📖 Teacher Knowledge - Dive into a wealth of background reading materials on the topic of AI in education, deepening your understanding of this transformative field through engaging tasks.

🤝 Reputation - Share your assignments with other participants and be part of a collaborative learning community.

🔑 Key Benefits of Our Course:

🔄 Asynchronous Learning: Fit learning into your schedule with our flexible, asynchronous course format.

📝 Hands-On Tasks and Assignments: Apply your knowledge with practical, hands-on tasks and assignments that reinforce your AI tool proficiency.

📚 Lesson Plans and Materials: Access a repository of example materials and lesson plans, ready to use in your classroom.

🤝 Collaborative Learning: Connect with fellow educators, share insights, and build a community of AI-driven teaching enthusiasts.

📅 Weekly Updates: Over ten weeks, we'll provide you with fresh, relevant content to keep you at the forefront of AI integration in education.

🌟 Lifetime Access: Enjoy unlimited access to the course materials, ensuring you can revisit and adapt your teaching strategies as technology evolves.

🏆 Certification: Upon successful completion, receive a prestigious certificate, validating your expertise in utilizing AI tools in teaching.

📕 Comprehensive Book: Receive a comprehensive book containing all course lessons, serving as a valuable reference for your future classes.

Join us on this transformative journey to revamp your teaching methods and equip your students with cutting-edge AI tools. The future of English language education awaits!

The Digital Toolbox

The course includes a free copy of the Digital Toolbox that you can install on your computer or digital device as soon as you register. Find out more about the toolbox

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Nik Peachey - Course Designer

Nik Peachey is an accomplished educator, author, and learning technology consultant renowned for his expertise in integrating technology into education. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Nik has become a prominent figure in the realm of digital learning and teacher professional development.

Having taught in various educational settings across the globe, Nik possesses a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by teachers and learners in the digital age. His passion for exploring innovative approaches to enhance teaching and learning has driven him to share his knowledge through numerous publications, workshops, and presentations.

Nik is a prolific writer, having authored several influential books, papers and articles and has six times been shortlisted for British Council Innovations Awards. He has also contributed extensively to educational journals, blogs and online platforms, providing valuable insights and practical strategies for educators worldwide.