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Illustrated Antidisestablishmentarianism

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Over 200 full-page, full color illustrations. Can you handle the truth? You're about to learn that you've been taught a chain of lies stretching back thousands of years. Get ready to understand the truth about more than just history. This is the real story behind a philosophy that's supposed to solve all our problems and lead us to enlightenment.

Listen to the very people so often quoted to prove that religion is irrational, illogical, and unnecessary. Writers and speakers in the fields of history, science, and culture are about to hit you with hard truths intelligent beings have been avoiding for millennia.

Don't let the long title and doorstop length scare you off. Save the footnotes and appendixes half of the book for later. Instead, dive in and meet men through the ages you thought you knew. Hear them tell a different tale -- a true one. Philosphers, scientists, and historians from ancient times to the present speak one truth -- that we must have a supreme being; that we must worship something or someone, or we are doomed.

Read from among the first recorded words of man. Follow the single message to the modern movers and shakers in all fields. Words mean things, but we haven't been given the true meaning of the evidence. Read about the truth that stands clear of all the twisting and warping of words and their meanings. Truth is truth, and it is here, waiting for you. As one reviewer said, "You need to read this book!"
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