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Four Seasons of Western Washington - Full length digital download

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Offered as an HD digital video download (mp4 format) playable on most devices.

Music by David Michael and Randy Mead
Two years of filming edited down to 60 minutes of spectacular scenic footage shot by Brian Noblet from helicopters, boats and while stalking wildlife. David Michael and Randy Mead created the custom musical soundtrack. (No dialogue)

This impressionistic sight and sound excursion explores both the grandeur and subtle beauty of Western Washington. The magnificence of towering peaks and rugged shorelines is balanced by the delicate and intimate scenes of wildlife, lush forests, rivers and meadows. Set to the music of Michael & Mead in surround sound, performed on Celtic harp, piano, flutes and guitars, the melodies weave a story through the four seasons. Occasional shots of the musicians’ hands playing the soundtrack is blended with the scenery and natural sounds, demonstrating the deep connection between music and nature.


“Beautiful! What a tremendous body of work from videographer Brian Noblet and musicians David Michael and Randy Mead. Some great imagery and such sensitive music. They really captured the essence.”
— Robert and Kathy Chrestensen, Crest Pictures

“WOW!! ... Wonderful videography...wonderful music.”
— Sandy McNaughton, RN, President, SereneVision Productions, Inc.

“Brian Noblet's videography is spectacular... I am particularly impressed with the bird photography which, I know from trying it myself, takes a lot of patience, skill and luck.”
— Cameron Snow (Still Hope Productions)

“Beautiful. Inspiring. Relaxing.”
— Sharron Rose, Sacred Mysteries Productions


David Michael - Celtic harp, hammer dulcimer, bowed psaltery, viola da gamba 

Randy Mead - Piano, soprano and bass flutes, soprano sax

Joe Breskin - classical guitar and electric guitar


  • Run time: 60 minutes
  • File size: 3.6GB
  • Audio compression: 320kbps
  • 1080p resolution
  • File type: mp4
You will get a MP4 (3GB) file
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